Run Business With Concurrent Technology Tools

GST compliant ERP solutions for runing business    

Complete CRM solution for Construction Equipment Business

Web portal for Construction Equipments Machinery and spares

Mobile visitor management solution for safer premises


BKMIST is collection of web based software solutions that you can subscribe and use to run your business efficiently.
It stands for Business Knowledge Management using Information Services &Technology

Following are the available tools:

  • BIZERP –This is ERP for your Business operations.

    Quote to Cash

    1. Quotation to Sales Orders

    2. Customer Billing & Quick Sale

    3. Cash Management & Account Receivables/ Creditors

    4. Customer Returns

    5. Pricing, Discounts & Schemes

    Inventory Management

    1. Goods Receipt, Returns & Stock Updates

    2. Warehouse movements, Dispositions, Shelf Life Stocks

    3. Physical Inventory

    Purchase To Pay

    1. Purchase Requisitions

    2. Purchase Orders & Contracts

    3. Vendor Invoice

    4. Customer Returns

    5. Vendor Payables, Payments


    1. General Ledger

    2. Accounts Payables

    3. Account Receivables

    4. Balance Sheet, Income Statement

    5. GST – Input & Output with Net offs

    Reports & analytics

    1. About 120 Standard Reports

    2. Cash Collections

    3. Customer & Vendor Ledgers

    4. Inventory Balances

    5. GST input & Output reports

    Everything is available on Android App and the Web Application. This is more than accounting software. This gives your business a complete ERP with financials & taxation. You get granular visibility to your data & can take appropriate decisions. If you are using Tally or any other accounting solution, you will not need that. This system will do Accounting & much more. But if you want to continue with existing accounting system, this will give you required downloads in excel , CSV format for uploading into your accounting solution.
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  • CECRM – This is Customer Engagement & Customer Relationship Management. All of your CRM an be managed with this.


    1. All your leads can be managed online

    2. Omni channel lead creations – Website, Mobile App, Emails, Web Application- all in one

    3. Check Lead Progress & Status with real time updates

    4. Pipeline orders, Win/Loss analysis in one place

    5. Quotation Management

    Customer Service

    1. Service Call creation & Works Order Management

    2. Call allocation & Progress Management

    3. Visit Reports

    4. Service Invoicing – Parts & Labour invoices

    Spares Management :-

    1. Spare Parts Requests

    2. Parts Quotation & Stocks

    3. Parts Orders & Billing

    4. Parts Inventory Management

    Productive CRM :-

    1. Customer 360

    2. Contacts Managements

    3. Sales Rep Location tracking

    4. Nearby Customers

    5. Task Lists

    6. News & Updates

    Reports & Analytics :-

    1. About 100 Standard Reports

    2. Win/Loss

    3. MTTR

    4. Service Call Report

    5. Sales Peron Tracking

    Everything is available on Android App and the Web Application. If you are using any other heavy Duty CRM such as SAP or Oracle, this connects to it with Standard Plug In. If you don’t have any, this is easy to use, Facebook kind application for your workforce.
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  • CEMACHINES – The web Portal for rent, sale, buy of industrial machines & spares. You can just subscribe & increase your business volume.

    Business Listing :-

    1. List your business for free and generate web presence

    2. Add all products & services that you sale & purchase

    3. Get enquiries online on daily basis

    Subscriptions :-

    1. Subscribe services to sell your products

    2. Get leads on your mobile for new , rental machines

    3. Hire new operators – you get leads on mobile with operator profiles

    Ratings & Reviews

    1. Get market feedback online about your products

    2. Get your ranking within the list

    3. Increase your visibility by updates


    1. Post advertisements

    2. Reach maximum customers in minimum cost

    M/C Operators

    1. List your name & experience

    2. Get calls from employers for new jobs

    Everything is available on Android App and the Web Application.Just subscribe for Free and start your digital presence.Purchase plans with minimum cost & get leads on your mobile.
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  • GATEPASS – Innovative security & visitor management system for your office & apartment complex

    Visitor Entry

    1. Manage your visitor entry online

    2. Get sms someone is on the gate

    3. Generate reports online

    4. No printers, computers, connections needed

    Daily Visitors – Maids, Drivers

    1. Setup one time and manage entry/ exit

    2. Very productive

    CC TV Integration :-

    1. See visitors visuals on your mobile

    2. Control your visitors from anywhere, anytime

    Local Contacts :-

    1. Contact maids, drivers, cleaners from the app

    2. Database of local household services – Electrician, Plumber, etc

    3. Maintain your own list of contacts

    Emergency Contacts :-

    1. Local emergency contacts

    2. Community contacts for emergencies

    Community Events :-

    1. Update photos, events – All in one place

    2. Provide feedback

    Support Issue:-

    1. Log maintenance complaints & seek feedback

    2. Maintain your log for follow-ups

    Everything is available on Android App.Stay safe and manage your community environment.
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More About BKMIST

  1. All of these solutions are cloud based.All you need to do is Register & subscribe.

  2. Once you subscribe,you will get the password & user ID.

  3. You start using the solution right away It is as simple as that. You can start free trial and then decide on purchase plan Click here to start

  4. Pricing

Who can use BKMIST?

As long as you are in business where you have customers, vendors, employees, products and you sale, purchase & service these products, these solutions will work for you. For ex – If you are a manufacturer and have few dealers who buy from you and sell products, you can use BIZERP for running this entire supply chain. If you are a trader and receive & sale goods , use BIZERP and it will take care of your business processes. If you have marketing department, who needs to generate business for you, then CECRM is more relevant for you which manages leads, contacts, customers, and campaigns. If you need to provide after sales services to your customer then again CECRM is your solution which has wing to wing service management built in solution. Start exploring your needs with Free Trial or drop us an email at and we can provide you more details.